Creating Outdoor Living Spaces for All Lifestyles

At Premier Patio & Garden, L.L.C., we believe that vision, desire and planning fuel the energy behind the creation of an exceptional outdoor living space.

Design is the first building block of a great landscape.  Attention to detail in this initial step ensures success even before the construction process begins.

Premier Patio & Garden, L.L.C. researches both historic and the latest design trends using the highest quality materials and installation techniques for every project.

Excellent service and customer satisfaction is our goal.  The hands on experience has given us the creativity needed to produce custom landscape concepts for all lifestyles.   Let Premier Patio & Garden, L.L.C. create an outdoor living space to fit  your lifestyle.

For more information or to schedule a  free consultation with one of our design experts, please call (614) 496-2736 or email    Thank You!